Locals light the cobbled streets of Geraardsbergen to see off the Transcontinental Race 09 2023
Transcontinental riders climb the cobbled Muur out of Geraardsbergen to begin their race across Europe
Early morning sun on the Saint Gotthard Pass in Switzerland
Robin Gemperle racing through a gallery descending the Gotthard Pass
Swiss cyclist Marin Saint Exupery riding alongside a gallery up the Gotthard pass
Cyclist Robin Gemperle out of the saddle pushing to the top of the Gotthard Pass in Switzerland
Swiss Ultra-endurance cyclist Robin Gemperle climbing the Gotthard pass in the clouds on the Transcontinental Race
German rider Veit-Johannes Fiedler climbing the lower reaches of the Gotthard pass
Albion team rider Marin Saint Exupery climbing the San Bernadino pass on the Transcontinental Race
A very Swiss image featuring a Swiss cyclist and a Swiss cow
Pedal-Ed sponsored Robin Gemperle leans into a corner in the hills above Meteora
Philipp Hanneck contemplating his routing ahead of leaving control point one in Livigno 1000km into the Transcontinental bike race
Cyclist Matthias Wojtynek entering one of the lower galleries on the climb to the summit of the Stelvio Pass
Cyclists Robin Gemperle and Christoph Strasser battling in the rain to the top of the San Bernadino pass
Swiss rider Marin Saint-Exupery changing into warmer clothes at the top of San Bernadino
French skate filmmaker Ben Chadourne stretches at a Bratwurste stand at the top of Stelvio pass
Storm clouds move in as the sun sets over Lake Lucerne
A TCR rider sits head in hands in the registration hall in Geraardsbergen, Belgium
Christoph Strasser battling through the Albanian heat of the control point three gravel parcours
Christoph Strasser spotted through the trees battling through the Albanian heat of the control point three gravel parcours
Marin Saint Exupery as seen through the windscreen of control car one climbing into Livigno on the ninth Transcontinental race
Robin Gemperle rides away from the setting sun leaving Ionnina behind him as he presses towards the finish of TCR09
Weisbauer sponsored cyclist Christoph Strasser blearily wanders around a Greek cornershop looking to resupply with food and water on TCR09
Christoph Strasser coasts through the golden light of a gallery in a tunnel above the Tara Canyon
Rider Zeno Bonduelle pushes through the dusk in Greece on the finish parcours to Thessaloniki
Christoph Strasser as the Transcontinental race 09 2023 firsy place finisher in Thessaloniki
Gereon Tewes descends through the back streets of Thessaloniki to finish TCR09
British cyclist Nicky Shaw looks down the barrel of the lens several hundreds of metres from the finish line of the ninth Transcontinental Race
Robin Gemperle as the Transcontinental race 09 2023 second place finisher in Thessaloniki
British rider Jaimi Wilson at the finish line of the Transcontinental Race in Thessaloniki

I’d been waiting ten years to shoot the Transcontinental, so needless to say I was very excited to be invited to document 2023’s race from one of the two control cars following the race. As I was travelling with the race director, we stuck with the frontrunners who finished the 1500km or so ride in just eight days, averaging around 450km per day. I hope these images convey even a fraction of what those riders experienced and achieved.