A portrait of chef Thomasina Miers photographed in her London home
A plate of stuffed courgette flowers made by Thomasina Miers
An empty sunlit table in restaurant Spring at Somerset House
A portrait of chef Zoe Adjonyoh at her home in East London
A portrait of Sam and Shauna of Hangfire eating shrimp gumbo

The Female Chef is a collection of stories and recipes from 31 women redefining the British food scene, made in collaboration with food write Clare Finney. Commissioned and shot in 2021 while the restaurant industry was reopening, at any other time, you’d say that the women featured in the pages of the book are inspirational, but over this period they were each a force to be reckoned with. In the face of staff shortages, bereavements within teams and wholesale changes in their lives and businesses, they found time for me to come and photograph them and made space in their kitchens so that I could shoot alongside them.

In May 2022 it won the Fortnum&Mason Debut Food Book award.